water filter

50,000.00 FCFA
Filter with cartridge 2 in 1, the set is composed of a filter holder in 3 parts with rotating clamping ring to ensure a good seal between the transparent bowl and the head. Assembly and disassembly are easy, ideal for protecting your equipment against sand and other suspended particles as well as the bad taste or smell of your water. Our products are made in France and to ACS standards, thus guaranteeing food quality. The dimensions are standard for a 9"3/4 water filter cartridge, i.e. a length of approximately 248 mm. As a reminder: 1" (1 inch) = 25.4 mm. The filter holder is supplied with the assembly/disassembly key, the fixing bracket and its 2 screws as well as 2 male-male 20/27 brass nipples for quick and easy installation. The activated carbon cartridge + 10µm sediment is also provided.
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